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Black Gold's Polished Rod Centralizer is a two-step pollution control product designed to increase the life of the stuffing box’s rubber and mitigate the chance of catastrophic leaks.


Installed between the stuffing box and production tee, the Polished Rod Centralizer centers the polished rod in a barrel. This eliminates any misalignment and significantly reduces wear on the stuffing box’s packing. In addition, the Polished Rod Centralizer greatly reduces the amount of pressure applied onto the stuffing box from the flow-line, and further minimizes leakage through the packing.


With this combination, the Polished Rod Centralizer has proven time and time again to be the solution that makes costly stuffing box failure a thing of the past.

Benefits of the Polished Rod Centralizer: 

  • Prevents catastrophic blow out of stuffing box rubbers

  • Creates up to a 70% decrease in differential pressure between the flow line and stuffing box
    (Black Gold tested)

  • Centralizes polished rod in pumping tee

  • Prevents uneven wear and extends life of stuffing box rubbers





Technical Specifications

Three sizes available for 1.25”, 1.50” and 1.75” polished rods


3” NPT (line pipe) threaded connections top and bottom

  • Can also be made in 2-7/8” or 3-1/2” 8rd EUE top and bottom connections


Nylon Insert prevents debris from entering stuffing box


1/4” NPT threaded connection for pressure transducer


Barrel Outer Diameters

  • 1.25” Centralizer – 1.625” OD

  • 1.50” Centralizer – 1.875” OD

  • 1.75” Centralizer – 2.125” OD\


5,000 psi max pressure rating

Nickel Carbide barrel for corrosion and wear resistance


Slotted barrel for lubrication

Useful Information