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The impact resistant cage was named because of its unparalleled resilience to beatng out. Compared to hard lined cages, the insert demonstrates elastcity and absorbs impact energy, rather than deforming or chipping. This eliminates scoring or stuck plungers as a result of chipped hard lined cages.

The Impact Resistant (IR) cage's unique design allows the life of the cage to be tripled in almost all cases. The shorter lift, more resilient and tough material allows the insert to absorb the impact of the ball, preventing wear/damage to the ball and cage.  This cage corrosion resistant, acid resistant, solvent resistant, and can withstand the heaviest of abrasive materials (sand, scale, and trash). The Standard Impact resistance cage operating temperature is 210 degrees Fahrenheit and the High Temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Available in all bore sizes both in traveling and standing valves from 1.25" to 4.25".

Designed to perform, the insert features no windows, preventng erosion/ corrosion to the shell of the cage, a common problem with other insert cages (IG cages). Performance also includes resistance to corrosion from gases and chemicals. The insert is designed with a “full open” geometry, maximizing flow area and preventng scale buildup. Available in two materials, the body is manufactured in either electroless nickel plated alloy steel or high strength stainless steel. A proven technology to dramatcally increasing the run life of pump valves!

Advantages of the Impact Resistant Cage: 

  • No windows

  • Impact Resilient

  • Corrosion/Erosion resistant

  • “Full Open” – No scale buildup

  • No welds/adhesives

  • Metal to metal seal – no elastomers

  • Limited ball travel – minimizes impact energy and gas breakout

  • No hard lining – prevents scored plunger and stuck pump

  • Sold as a single unit – prevents accidental under or over torqueing

  • Operatng Temperature 210°F

  • Up to an 80% increase in flow area through the insert





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