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Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and API Spec Q1 manufacturer that creates, manufactures, sells, and distributes a wide variety of API and non-API parts, products, and services for oil rigs and supporting equipment. 


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Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. offers 'on call' field services at your request. We provide well trained pump, anchor, drain, and H-tool specialists who can come out to your oil field and provide a tear down and diagnoses of the problem right then and there, to make sure the problem is solved the first time around.

We also provide field services on all surface equipment including pumping units, pump off controllers, variable drive controllers, injectors, stuffing boxes, polished rods, flow lines, gauges, etc.

If you have an issue that is costing you in down time, man time, or field maintenance, please see our Contact page today to have us diagnose and solve your problem.


Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. has a staff of engineers who support all the technical aspects of our products. Our engineers support our customers, sales team, and the development of our new products. We are capable developing custom products for the oil industry, detailed failure analysis, applications support, and API standard products.


Black Gold Engineering Capabilities:

  • Client specific designs

  • Engineering consulting & collaboration

  • Technical sales support

  • IP product development

  • Surface and subsurface failure analysis

  • ASME Y14.5 GD&T

  • Luminary group (oil industry's seasoned veterans)


For technical questions contact our lead engineer Simon, at

For questions or more information, Contact us!


Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. meets the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015. With over 30 years of experience, our API and custom non-API manufacturing capabilities are time tested for projects big and small. Our process in machining, welding, and assembly ensure quality products and timely delivery.

Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc.'s in-house full service team is capable of designing and manufacturing complex products and pumps. Our ubiquitous approach includes engineering, product development, design, manufacturing, and assembly. We are a one stop shop for all your down hole artificial lift needs. 

Contact us today, and let us help you with your part or project.


Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. is a Norris (DPS) Pro-Rod authorized distributor. Our highly trained TMX Pro-Rod crew can install your continuous rod string down hole safely and efficiently. 

Pro-Rod can replace existing stick rod without the need of coupling joints. This reduces wear on the rod string and tubing; extending the life of the artificial lift system. Continuous rod has been proven to extend run times, reduce failures, and saves oil companies down time and rig costs. 

To see Pro-Rod's spec sheet PDF click here

Please see our Contact page to get further info on the Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc.'s Pro-Rod unit.