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Black Gold Pump & Supply manufactures our own custom-made R-drain. The R-drain is used in a tubing pump application, when there is no possible way to drain the fluid from the tubing string without blowing a hole in the tubing.


The R-drain is designed to drain your tubing string by simply rotating the tubing to the right. It takes a 310 degree rotation to blow the R-drain's brass plug on the inside. This easy-to-use drain is simple and safe; not requiring any pressure build up on the tubing.

To learn more about Black Gold Pump & Supply's R-drain, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.





R-Drain Installation Instructions

1. Attach R-Drain to the tubing string with pin facing down.

2. When attaching the R-Drain to the tubing below it, use pipe wrench on mandrel or                       (recommended) attach a 2’ pup joint below the R-Drain and use tubing tongs on the pup           joint to torque.

3. Prior to running the drain, care should be taken to ensure that it is in the closed position.         This is accomplished by turning the sleeve to the left (CCW) until it clutches.

4. Use a back-up when making tubing connections.

Drain Activation

At surface, rotate tubing clock-wise until the drain is clutched. The drain will be clutched when it’s rotated 310°. This will require added rotation at the surface. A standard measure is an additional rotation per 1,000’ of setting depth. The drain is activated when tubing is on vacuum. To ensure minimal damage to the hydraulic anchor below, wait until tubing/casing pressure is fully equalized before POOH.


• Run 2 tubing joints above the Black Gold Hydraulic Anchor
• Max operating temperature: 400° F
   o High-temp seals available upon request

**Caution: If running with a mechanical anchor, ensure it is set properly the first time. Having to re-set a mechanical anchor will cause the R-Drain to prematurely activate.