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Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and API Spec Q1 manufacturer that creates, manufactures, sells, and distributes a wide variety of API and non-API parts, products, and services for oil rigs and supporting equipment. 


Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc.
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Since 1982, Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. of Signal Hill, California, has been a supplier of parts and services to the oil industry. We design, engineer, machine, and manufacture custom parts to support our customers' needs.

Black Gold Pump & Supply has emerged as a company trusted by leading industry engineers, major oil companies, and independents alike. We have earned our reputation for fine quality parts, and excellent customer service the old fashioned way through hard work, consistent results, and cost cutting. Our parts and services have continued to satisfy our customers by saving costs in rig time, rod and tubing replacement, field maintenance, and even pump repairs.

Black Gold Pump & Supply is a leading expert in production well analysis. We work with our clients to problem-solve any down hole, or surface issues that need amending. We want to help raise production, and get the maximum amount of fluid, at the slowest unit speed possible; ensuring greater efficiency. Black Gold Pump and Supply is the most experienced in the industry when it comes to servicing your sucker rod pumps, hydraulic & mechanical anchors, drains, H-tools, on & off tools, stuffing boxes, rod and tubing rotators, fishing tools, acid tools, tubing bailers, pump off controllers, pumping units, and much more.

You can expect Black Gold Pump & Supply to provide detailed engineering reports, take pictures of all corrosion and causes of pump failure, and keep samples of sand, scale, and chemical build-up. We do this in order to provide our customers with a personal review analysis, in working with the production foremen and engineers to prevent future failures.



  • RHAC pumps

  • RHBC pumps

  • RWAC pumps

  • RWBC pumps

  • RWTC pumps

  • RXBC pumps

  • RSTC pumps


  • Hydraulic Tubing Anchor

  • Polished Rod Centralizer

  • Gas Anchor/Separator

  • Chemical Injection Mandrel

  • Rod & Tubing Anodes

  • Sand Bailers

  • Rotating Drain

  • ESP H-Tool


  • Well design

  • Engineering

  • Failure analysis

  • In-field troubleshooting (Pumps, POC, VFD’s,chemical pumps, etc)

  • Machine shop

  • Well optimization

  • Continuous rod installation

  • On-site commissioning

  • Pump training


  • TH pumps

  • TW pumps

  • OST pumps


  • Stroke Through Plunger Pump

  • Barrel Length Plunger Pump

  • Gas Booster Pump

  • Double Displacement Pump

  • Black Gold Tubing Pump

  • Black Gold Insert Pump

  • Big Bore Tubing Pump

  • Circle-A Pump


  • Balls 

  • Seats

  • Barrels

  • Plungers

  • Cages 

  • Seating Mandrels

  • Impact Resistant Cages


  • Sand Check

  • Perforated Nipples

  • Mesh Strainers

  • Sand Shield 

  • Anti-Gas Lock Valve

  • Sand Wiper Extension

  • No-Tap Tool

  • On-Off Tool


  • Sucker Rods

  • Pony Rods

  • Polished Rods

  • K-Bars & Sinker Bars

  • Rod Couplings

  • Rod Guides

  • Rod Anodes

  • Shear Couplings

  • O'Bannon Fishing Tools

  • Continuous Rod


  • Polished Rod Collet Bushing

  • Flow Line Check Valve

  • Stuffing Boxes

  • Rod Locks

  • Flow Tee

  • Polished Rod Clamps

  • Ratigan BOPs

  • A-95 Butress

  • Seating Nipples

  • Tubing & Rod Rotators

  • Blanking Plug Tubing Tester